Locating Things in Space

In this perspective drawing you will be combining your knowledge of basic perspective with the techniques employed by the 20th century Italian artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). While Giacometti may be commonly known for his sculptures of solitary and stark human figures, he had a deep interest in finding forms in space, in determining the relationships between forms and the space they occupied. The multitude of lines in his drawings is evidence of this intent and effort. As a result of his choosing to leave his “searching” lines, his drawings may appear to be unfinished, yet instead maybe they are just how he thought of them: objects within their space at that moment of the drawing, but with the potential to change a any given moment in the future.

Choose an angle of a still life that you set up OR a section of a room in your house to draw. Please use a view finder to determine an initially interesting composition.
Drawing Goals:
1. Draw a convincing sense of perspective so the viewer believes it to be a space that could be walked into.
2. Capture accurate proportions and locations of objects within your space.
3. Make a drawing that is as much about the process of drawing the interior as it is about the interior itself.

Challenge yourself. You may leave out things that really exist in your composition, yet if you have less than I think you can handle I may suggest you add more. You will need to combine knowledge of linear perspective with measuring skills used to compare proportional estimates. Know you will most likely make lines you wish to erase as you find your forms in space; know that this is part of this project and is 100% okay. Please leave your lines as evidence of your journey, emphasizing your “most wanted” lines towards the end of the drawing. You may wish to determine your horizon line and vanishing point(s) and lightly mark them on your drawing surface. Adding color is optional; watercolor washes or colored pencils might be appropriate.