Language through Color

In these exercises you will be expressing a series of emotions, or specific concepts. While you may be tempted to look at each other’s work please be sure to choose and paint for yourself. With all paintings, please use no recognizable imagery or symbols (no suns, boats, trees, hearts, etc.). You may use one color or more than one—whatever you need to best express the concept. The whole space may be filled, or you might choose to leave some white. There is no right or wrong way to do this exercise (as long as you follow logistical directions…) You will be painting six small rectangles for this exercise.

1. With 9” x 12” tagboard, hold horizontally and gently mask along the edges, then divide in half horizontally and in thirds vertically, giving yourself six spaces.

2. Under where you will be painting, write the title of each format directly on the tape.
Anger, Joy, Sadness, Love, Jealousy, Peace

3. When painting, try to remember a time when you felt the emotion, then choose your colors accordingly. You will also want to think about how you apply your paint—what type of brushstrokes you will use-- as that may help convey meaning. Paint one concept at a time, trying not to skip between so you can fully concentrate.

4. When all six paintings are done and dry, carefully remove the masking tape, which will also remove the titles. Re-write the titles on the backs of the sections, along with your name or initials, and carefully cut out each rectangle. You may either cut directly in the middle of the white, which would leave a white border on each, or cut off all white. You may use the paper cutter or scissors.

5. On a second board, do the same as the first, but with the following words:
Colors I like, Colors I dislike, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring