Ukiyo-e Prints of Japan

In this lesson you will be learning about the Ukiyo-e Prints of Japan as a closing activity to our reduction prints. YOUR goal is to learn about the importance of printmaking in another culture and time.
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is the site where there is background. You should:
1 Read through the Background section.
2 Under Suggested Activities, do the Picture Perfect: Make it Fast, then the City Life, City Lights, etc., web-based interactive tools. You should read on your own, but partner up to answer the questions. In the interactive site there is a place to answer questions and print them out. You should do so as a pair so we can discuss it.
3 Create a woodblock print:
Go to this site, read about wood blocks, and click on the Letís Print button. After choosing colors and making a print, print it, then go back to the site, and at the right, click on David Bullís Surimono Albums. Read about how he makes it affordable to get his images. Interesting that an artist would do that.
5 Listen to the music of the Edo period (this was so cool I had to send you here):