Spring 09 ADP survey results of art history and work assignments over the past year.

Responses from six students, in same order under each question.

1. How has looking at a variety of artists / work influenced your art?

Honestly, it hasn’t really.

By looking at a variety of artists, I have been able to experience multiple different styles and incorporate their different techniques into my own drawings/paintings. Looking at other artists' techniques also has allowed me to develop my own individual style.

In general, looking at multiple artists adds depth to my understanding of the concept of art. I feel like it is important to note that while art has a very personal meaning, this personal meaning is experienced by all people and therefore expressed in many different ways. Viewing the “personal creations” of other people helps to broaden my likes/dislikes and also helps to inspire and focus my art.

I have learned a lot about style, technique, use of media, composition, and use of color. Over the year, looking at other artists has inspired me to try projects outside of my comfort zone and develop a style of my own. My art has become more personal and more unique! I’m always looking to improve, and viewing other’s work has never failed to help.

I feel that I am trying new techniques based off of what I see other artists are doing. I tried, and liked the "searching" lines and I have used it a couple of times when I'm sketching out compositions, I find that I am using different techniques I've seen other artists use.

Looking at a variety of artists and their work has influenced my art this year because it has given me a chance to see different styles of art that I wouldn’t have ever seen otherwise. I’ve liked a lot of the work that we have seen thus far and it’s been interesting to attempt a lot of the styles in my own work.

2. Which sketchbook assignments have been most helpful in reinforcing skills?

I think the “nitty gritty” drawings were pretty helpful. So was the Giacometti sketch. None of the sketchbooks were instructional really, but I found those to be good practice.

The assignments regarding the nose, eyes, and lips were very helpful in reinforcing portrait skills. Having to draw them four times in various positions or styles was helpful in strengthening my understanding of the ways in which to draw those three fundemental facial features.

To be honest, I’d say that each definitely has its benefits for my learning process. If I were to choose one, then, based on the level of enjoyment, I would say that those leading up to the personal space painting certainly stand out. Though I understand that this is not a photography class nor one preaching introspection, I really see value in exploring both aspects, thus I really liked the opportunity to do so. Additionally, I am realizing how useful it is to have a reference considering we just did the sketches which are more accurate with some image to use.

The sketchbook assignments that have been most helpful to me are the ones focusing on perspective. It’s an aspect of drawing that I continue to struggle with, so when I’m forced to master the angles of a certain object, it reinforces the skill.

I think that the most helpful sketchbook are the ones that apply to what we are doing in class. Whether it is just an exercise or some research for an upcoming project, I feel that they help me get in the mindset for the upcoming project.

I really liked the figure drawing that we did earlier this year. It really helped me look at the body as a whole and the rhythm of it instead of all of the separate parts. I also think that the egg book that we have been working on has really helped me start thinking outside of what I normally look for when beginning a drawing.

3. Which sketchbook assignment(s) (or egg book) has/have been the most fun?

I like just sitting down and drawing. Really, my favorite one would probably have to be the recent personal space sketch (not the four little ones, the one before that). I enjoyed just sitting and drawing something carefully. I also liked the toolbox sketch.

I had the most fun with the "mood" and "flying" eggbook assignments because those two allowed me to be the most creative.

I see that I have already answered this question above, but I can definitely elaborate in regard to the egg book. All egg assignments have been fun, but I have been pleased with some more than others—Halloween egg, flying egg, autobiographical. I love this assignment primarily because it highlights aspects of art that we are unable to access seeing as this is a drawing/painting class that only has a year’s time. The egg books are a great supplement.

I enjoy all the egg book assignments… I specifically enjoyed the underwater and mood themes, because I loved my ideas for both! The book as a whole challenges me to think outside the box and try a variety of media in a confined space. I also have fun with the assignments that have asked me to mimic the styles of other artists in a sketchbook drawing of my own. I usually come to love their technique, and can incorporate it in my own art!

I have had the most fun with the eggbooks. They allow me to be creative and use different me medias.

I really enjoyed the “techno, mood, and flying” egg book assignments. It was also very interesting when we were drawing the different parts of our faces during our portrait unit.

4. Which in-class assignment(s) has/have made you want to use the technique/media again?

I liked most of the media options from our black/white series (except for the ink). The stamp pad was interesting to work with, as was the charcoal, just because they were different.
The printmaking assignment used the most unique media this year and has made me want to try the technique again using different subject matters, colors, textures, etc.

I absolutely loved the drawing unit. Though it took a lot of time and effort, I can realistically say that those types of media are the ones to which I would be most naturally “drawn” in the future. I tend to favor black and white media because I shy away from color. On the contrary, I am finding myself becoming more comfortable using color—paint—and might go out on a limb and proclaim that I would actually try acrylics again. I’ll be curious to see if I experience the same comfort with watercolors toward the end of the year.

The black and white drawings allowed me to explore a variety of media. Thus, I came to like the sketch and wash pencil, which I will most definitely use again! I also enjoyed the print-making project, and the technique we used. I look forward to using this method again in the future.

I really want to try printmaking again. I want to try different subjects and try some new techniques. I think that there is a lot of cool things you can do with printmaking that I am interested in discovering.

The charcoal portraits were really interesting for me. I would love to begin a project again with the paper covered in charcoal and then use an eraser to etch out whatever it is I’m trying to portray.