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Advanced Drawing & Painting

School Year 2008-09

Student Gallery


In-Class Assignments


Sketchbook Assignments

Personal Space Rubric & Assessment
Due Thursday, 5/28
Personal Space Painting
MidAprilADP Survey
Magic Squares Painting Assessment
Magic Squares
Search for Paul Klee
Color Postcard Match
Language Through Color
Linoleum Reduction Rubric and Assessment
Due Friday, 3/20
Linoleum Reduction Print Process
Charcoal Portrait Rubric and Assessment
Student Voice Threads on Artists
Black and White Drawing Unit Critique Sheet
Black and White Drawing Unit Rubric and Self-Assessment
Black and White Drawing Unit
Will the Marble Roll Assessment
Will the Marble Roll Perspective Study
Highlight on Georgia O'Keeffe
Pastel Abstractions
Pastel Rubric

Watercolor Resources
Closer Look at Watercolor
Due Tuesday, 5/26
Letter of Importance
Unusual View HW
Due Monday, 5/11
Closer Look at Painting
Due Friday, 5/1
Personal Space HW, part II
Due Mon, 4/13
Personal Space Study
Due Friday, 4/3
Color Chart
Due Tues, 3/24
Japanese Printing: Edo Period
Due Fri, 3/20
Personal Space
Due Mon, 3/16
Eggs 14, 15, 16
Due Tues. 3/10
Shepard Fairey, Street Artist Due on Monday, 3/2
Be My Valentine!
Due on Thurs., 2/12
Due Monday, 2/2: Print Homework
Due Friday, 1/16: Gestures
Due Wednesday, 1/14: LipsLipsLips
Due Friday, 12/19: Nose Focus
Due Thursday, 12/11: Four Eyes
Due Friday, 12/5 Eggs 111213
Due Thursday, 11/20 Eggs 9
Eggs 678
Egg Book Explanation
Giacometti/Finding Space
Drawing Timeline Assignment
Due Mon, 9/22: Nitty Gritty Drawing Series
Due Tues., 9/16: Composition Studies
Assignment due Wed, 9/10: Describing YOU
Sketchbook Rubric